UVC Lightforce® is excited to announce our charitable giving program: Share The Light℠.

We recognize the importance of “sharing the light” by providing our UVC units free of charge or at a reduced rate in our local communities.

Since the company’s inception, UVC Lightforce® has been focused on providing the most economic and affordable units in the marketplace, and Share the Light℠ allows us to take it one step further by eliminating the barrier of price and accessibility.

Through Share the Light℠, we are able to give units to those organizations or facilities that will benefit from a cleaner environment but wouldn’t have the financial capability to do so. This is an invaluable part of our company as it aligns with our mission to provide an effective product to eliminate surface pathogens wherever possible.

UVC Lightforce® strives to lead the UVC industry in giving back by setting the standard that our equipment should be accessible across various platforms — healthcare, schools, public facilities, to name a few.

UVC Lightforce® is in the early stages of Share the Light℠, but we can already see the profound impacts each unit will have in a community. Please continue to check this page for updates on Share the Light℠.

UVC Lightforce owners Rick Rechter II (far left) and Jerry Neely (far right) donate the first unit as part of the new Share The Light℠ campaign to Jeff Baldwin (Executive Director) and Courtney Payne-Taylor (Operations Director) of the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington.