Our Story Began in 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana

Dr. Tom Hrisomalos, an infectious diseases physician, shared his concerns about the presence of drug-resistant bacteria in the healthcare environment, despite exhaustive measures of sanitation, with one of his patients. That patient, Bill Eggleston, who had overcome multiple bouts of MRSA, saw the need for a more effective, efficient and economical environmental sterilization device than was available at that time. Together with his son, Richard, and oversight by “Dr. Tom”, they designed a device that emits UV-C ultraviolet light energy that scientifically can eliminate 99.9% of the pathogens the light exposes. Thus, UVC Lightforce was born.

Though the Company had an exceptional economical germicidal light device that could benefit a multitude of industries, more investments in time, energy and funding were needed to perfect the product and move it to the marketplace. In late 2018 both Jerry Neely and his nephew, Rick Rechter II, became engaged in the business. As a result of their additional funding and leadership skills, the Company now provides economically priced mobile, self-contained open-chamber germicidal cleaning devices. Since their devices have been rigorously tested to meet the environmental surface cleaning requirements and demands of the healthcare industry, other industries will benefit from those certifications also.

Today, UVC Lightforce is changing the game in germicidal sterilization. Though originally intended for hospitals and longer-term care facilities, UVC Lightforce devices can be used in airports and transit stations, banks, commercial offices, grocery stores, medical centers, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools and daycare centers and senior care facilities. And, every device is proudly made in the USA.